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Agmar marine was founded in Leros in 1989. The passion of the founder for boating, and yachting in general has helped to make Leros Island a more attractive and popular destination for motor yachts, sailing yachts and mega yachts. Since that time Leros has evolved into a crossing point between West, North, South Aegean and the Turkish coast.

In the year 1989 a marine store was established and followed quickly by an electrical / electronic work shop, specializing in boat electrics and electronics, the company hired 3 skilled employees to provide all electrical services for yachtsmen.

In 1992 the operation expanded to include more workshops and a further 4 skilled staff experienced in marine paints, coatings and finishes. In 1993 the company rented from the state a sea and shore side area of 10,000 M2. and Lakki Marina in Leros was established.

In 1998 we changed the corporate identity of the company into S.A ( Agmar Marine S.A) and in the beginning of 1999 we established the boatyard in Partheni - Leros, a well protected port, located in the north of Leros island 10 N.M from Lakki Marina.

The Agmar Marine operation now runs very successfully, with 40 skilled Employees and well established workshops, and looks optimistically to the future, ready to invest more and expand the business much further with more employees, technicians and facilities.

Click here to download the financial statement for 2012 (winzip file)